Amisha & Eddie’s wedding at Coltsford Mill

I experienced a moment of sheer panic when I arrived at Coltsford Mill on the day I believed I was about to photograph the wedding of Amisha and Timothy, as the first name I saw where the groom’s name should have been was ‘Eddie’. Who the hell was Eddie?! Was I at the wrong venue? Had I got the date wrong?

Fortunately not. Apparently Timothy had long been known as Eddie to his many friends and family, and other than during the formal vows, the name Timothy was not mentioned again. I believe it had something to do with a certain character in the sitcom ‘Bottom’….

Poor Amisha had been feeling pretty unwell in the days leading up to her wedding, but she certainly hid it well on the day, as she looked absolutely radiant. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been easy to look washed out with so many gorgeous bright colours around.

It was a wonderfully bright and sunny day, which definitely created challenges for me as a photographer, but was exactly the weather every couple would have wished for on their wedding day.

There were some fantastic speeches, not least from Tim’s two best men, who delivered a ‘This Is Your Life’ style presentation. I obviously didn’t know Tim as well as most other people in that room, but I still found it hilarious! I always love spending time with a couple who I feel have become friends, and who I like as much as these two. I was so touched to receive the following text from Amisha the week after the wedding:

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything on Saturday. You were absolutely wonderful, not just as a photographer, but as an extremely helping hand, my 5th bridesmaid 🙂 Not sure how I’d have managed to get dressed without you! You made me feel so surprisingly relaxed and comfortable which I never thought would be possible with a camera pointing at my face. Thank you soooo much for helping make our day wonderful. Really appreciate everything.”

For me this was one of the loveliest messages I could have received. Yes, my job as a photographer is ultimately to take great photos, but the job is so much more than that. I’m with the couple on the most important day of their life, and they have to like having me around! The first part of the day, as the bride gets ready is often an exciting, but anxious time, and I see my job as partly to help keep things calm, as well as ensuring the bride is ready in plenty of time, having fun along the way!

Thank you both for having me along, it really was a pleasure.

Below are a selection of some of my favourite photos from the day. If you would like to see the full selection of photos, please go to the client area of my website, and enter Tim’s surname as the password.

Coltsford Mill wedding_0001Coltsford Mill wedding_0002Coltsford Mill wedding_0003Coltsford Mill wedding_0004Coltsford Mill wedding_0005Coltsford Mill wedding_0006Coltsford Mill wedding_0007Coltsford Mill wedding_0008Coltsford Mill wedding_0009Coltsford Mill wedding_0010Coltsford Mill wedding_0011Coltsford Mill wedding_0012Coltsford Mill wedding_0013Coltsford Mill wedding_0014Coltsford Mill wedding_0015Coltsford Mill wedding_0016Coltsford Mill wedding_0017Coltsford Mill wedding_0018Coltsford Mill wedding_0019Coltsford Mill wedding_0020Coltsford Mill wedding_0021Coltsford Mill wedding_0022Coltsford Mill wedding_0023Coltsford Mill wedding_0024


Venue: Coltsford Mill

Dress: Proposals

Suits: Dickies of Crawley

Flowers: Sullivans Florist

Hair: Ricky Daniels Hair and Beauty

Cake: The Countemporary Cake Connoisseurs (07821 444340)

DJ: Spotlight Entertainments

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