Henley Floods

I am very lucky to leave in a beautiful part of the world, Henley-on-Thames.  As the name suggests, the River Thames flows through it, sometimes literally.  Today as the waters continue to rise I decided to step away from my usual habit of photographing people & instead focus on seeing my home town in a way I will probably never see it again. 

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A Chinese market in Shanghai

This time a year ago I was arriving in China for a holiday with my son, visiting  friends who were living in Shanghai.  My friend is also a fellow photographer, so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take as many photos as possible of the people and locations that make China such as amazing place.  Here is the first of what I suspect will be several blog posts from that trip.

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Why do you need a wedding album?

My parents celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary this year & my brother & I took them away for the weekend, back to the hotel where they had held their wedding reception forty years earlier.  They brought along their wedding album, containing a handful of black and white images showing a young couple in love, surrounded by family and friends. 

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my new blog, something I have meant to get started for quite some time. I won’t make promises that I know I won’t keep, such as that I will update it every week, but we’ll see how it goes.  I hope to be able to share some photos that I have taken, stories that might be of interest & general ramblings about my work as a photographer.

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