Kate & Frankie’s Guildford wedding

Kate and Frankie organised in their wedding in just one week. Due to difficult family circumstances, Kate and Francesca decided to bring forward their 2018 wedding to September 2017, to ensure that the most important people in their lives could all be there to celebrate their special day with them. Despite the circumstances, this was a joyful day throughout, with both families clearly overjoyed to watch these two ladies get hitched. 

Kate and Frankie held their ceremony at Guildford Registry Office, and making sure both brides did not see each other before they walked down the aisle was of great importance to everyone. 

There was plenty of fun throughout, particularly during the signing of the register, as both families were keen to pull silly faces at any opportunity. 

After the ceremony we headed off to Guildford Castle for some photos, which was a fab location. Although they didn’t exactly have the place to themselves, other visitors were keen to ensure the girls were able to have their photos taken where we wanted them done. I love seeing couples being congratulated by complete strangers, happy to see the happy couple on their wedding day. It just makes you smile. 

Back at Frankie’s parent’s house the fun continued, including two brilliant bouquet tosses which both resulted in the flowers tumbling to the floor, despite some heroic attempts to reach them before they fell. Speeches are always one of the most emotional parts of a wedding day, and this was no different, though there was plenty of laughter during Kate’s amazing poem that she had written as a tribute to Frankie’s family. 

I was so happy to have been part of their day, only made possible because another couple had cancelled their wedding due to the bride’s pregnancy. 

Congratulations to you both and I will be thinking of you all.  xx

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