Mitra & Mehrdad’s wedding at Bisham Abbey

Knife dancing, noghl eating, tears and laughter at an Iranian influenced wedding at Bisham Abbey. Mitra and Mehrdad’s love for each other was obvious the first time I met them. Their careers have meant that they have spent extended periods living on different continents, and Mehrdad’s job meant that they weren’t even able to spend so much as a week together after their wedding before he had to jet back to Qatar. Despite this they had pulled together a beautiful wedding at Bisham Abbey and I feel so happy that they are now husband and wife forever.  

I was also introduced to some Iranian wedding customs. At the end of the ceremony Mitra and Mehrdad fed each other noghl and honey, symbolic of bringing sweetness into their lives. They were also presented with gifts immediately following the ceremony – as the registrars waited to announce the  couple’s exit from the ceremony it became apparent that no one was leaving any time soon, and by the time they did leave most of the guests had already exited, possibly to grab themselves a drink and enjoy the view overlooking the river.

Another new one on me was the knife dance, performed by one of the guests prior to the cutting of the cake. I’m still not quite sure what it was all about, but it was pretty entertaining!

Congratulations Mitra and Mehrdad, I wish you both every happiness for the future, and hope your jobs allow you to spend lots more time together!

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Venue: Bisham Abbey

Flowers: Flora Special Occasion 




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