Perry & Youness’ wedding at Selsdon Park Hotel

I first met Perry & Youness on the day of their wedding under far from ideal circumstances.  They had received the phone call two days earlier that every bride dreads; their photographer was in hospital and would be unable to photograph their wedding. 

Fortunately she had called and put me on standby a few days before this when she first became unwell, but had been hoping she would be recovered in time. She has booked me to photograph her wedding next year (yikes, scary!), so was able to reassure Perry that all would be OK.  Considering the feedback I received from Perry after she had seen the photos I think it worked out OK in the end.  My friend Pebble had been particularly gutted to miss this wedding as she knew it would be a good one, and she was right.  This was a fun wedding, with plenty of emotion, a STUNNING couple, gorgeous venue & fabulous friends and family.

As is often the case, I loved the time I spent with the girls & Perry’s family before the ceremony. It was a pretty busy room, but surprisingly calm.  I loved the personalised glasses she had bought for each of her bridesmaids, the perfect excuse for some pre-wedding bubbly.

Youness was clearly overwhelmed as the bridesmaids came down the aisle, and when he first saw his bride I think he did well to hold himself together, but even Perry had to hold back her tears.  There was some light relief & giggles as the best man struggled to untie the rings from the cushion, poor thing. Clearly whoever had tied them on there wanted to make sure they couldn’t fall off accidentally, but there was no chance of that!

It’s always great when a couple allow plenty of time between their ceremony and wedding breakfast, particularly as they had quite a lot of group photos they wanted taken, and were also happy to allow me time to photograph them as a couple.  They were such a cuddly, loved up couple, just as you’d hope on your wedding day! Selsdon Park Hotel is a great venue with plenty of potential locations for photos, so I really had to stop myself from taking them off for too long for photos

Their toastmaster Peter Tautz was really helpful without being intrusive, probably the best one I have worked with. I also enjoyed working with the videographer Adam Nicholas (who I will also be working with again at Pebble’s wedding next year!)

Perry’s bouquet throw was spectacular, as it ended up lodged in the ceiling light! By the time I left later in the evening it was still there, and could be even now for all I know!

While working at a wedding I would never consume alcohol, but with the cocktails on offer by Kampai Cocktails I was very, very tempted.  I tried an alcohol-free version (it’s important that I stay hydrated, right?) & it was yummy. I’d like to organise my own party, just so that I could book them to make cocktails for me.

Candy booths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, but on this occasion Perry & Youness had done it all themselves, leaving plenty of happy guests.

I love it when the first dance is followed up with enthusiastic dancing from the couple & their guests, and this evening there were plenty of people keen to strut their stuff on the dancefloor. My favourite was was the Electric Slide dance Candy performed by Cameo, an 80’s song made popular by the film ‘The Best Man’.

As you may have realised, I LOVED photographing this wedding (sorry Pebble!).  Perry & Youness, I wish you a lifetime full of as much love as you felt for each other on your wedding day.

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Venue: Selsdon Park Hotel

Hair: Minqwa Dang

Make-up: Beauty by Ms Lord

Bridal dress: Sincerity Bridal gown, purchased at Bromley Brides

Suits: TM Lewin

Flowers: Bloomin’ Lovely, New Addington

Videographer: Adam Nicholas

Pianist & DJ: Phil at MTA Events

Toastmaster: Peter Tautz

Cake: Cake Designs by Jackie

Cocktails: Ryu & Victoria at Kampai Cocktails

Singer: Ayanna Adannay

Photobooth: Gigglebooth (Hampshire & Surrey branch)


If you would like to view the full collection of images from the day, please click here & enter the couple’s surname as the password. If you could like to talk to me about your wedding photography please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

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