Sarah & David’s wedding at The Red Lion Hotel, Henley-on-Thames

Sarah and David’s relationship was clearly meant to be. Neither of them are big fans of nightclubs, but one New Year’s Eve they were both reluctantly dragged along to a club by friends to see in the New Year.  That night marked not only the start of a new year, but the start of their relationship, followed 5 years later by a proposal on Christmas Day.

I also feel like my involvement in their wedding day was also meant to be. I met Sarah & David while exhibiting at a wedding fair in Reading, and was invited over to their flat to show them more of my work and have a chat about what they were looking for from their photography. Fortunately they booked me, as two days later I found David in my back garden, after being subcontracted to rebuild my garden wall! It would have been a very awkward encounter if they hadn’t already booked me!

As always one of my favourite parts of the day is the morning of the wedding, spending time with the bride and her bridesmaids as they get ready. I learned that Sarah is a MASSIVE Will Young fan, and has met him on many occasions. She was very relaxed, not easy when you have four bridesmaids also getting ready with you, but everyone was in a great mood & it all just seemed to work really well.

Their cake was one of the coolest I’ve seen. Both Sarah’s dad’s partner and David’s Mum had been asked to tell the couple what outfits they were planning to wear to the wedding several weeks earlier and were under strict instructions that they could not change their minds! The reason became clear when they saw the cake, as there were individually made figures representing each member of the bridal party, wearing the same outfits as the humans they were modelled on! There was also a model of Barry the dog, someone very dear to Sarah. If he could have been trusted to behave I am sure he would have carried the rings down the aisle.

There can’t be many brides who go to feed the ducks on their wedding day, but this was something had said she wanted to do from the very beginning. We certainly got some funny looks down by the river in Henley.

Apparently David was very nervous about giving his speech, but you would never have known. There was a lot of emotion in the speeches, and I admit I struggled to hold back my own emotions during one of the speeches.

Although, like many couples, Sarah and David were keen to get their first dance over and done with, Sarah was able to rely on her four bridesmaids to keep her on the dance floor, and I only heard a couple of Will Young songs before I left…….

Congratulations you two, thanks for having me along to share your day.


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Flowers: Animation flowers

Hair & make-up:  Berkshire hair & make-up

Cake: Celebration Cakes (aka Catherine’s Cakes)

Wedding dress: Bride to Be, Reading

Venue: Red Lion Hotel, Henley-on-Thames

Music: Storm DJ


If you would like to view the complete collection of photos from the day, please go to the client area of my website and enter David’s surname as the password. I hope you like them!

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