Temples and Grottos at Ruth and Mark’s wedding at Wotton House

One word for this wedding – Wow.  I am sure I looked like a child in a sweet shop when I met up with Ruth and Mark at Wotton House a few weeks before the wedding and saw the photo opportunities there.

I don’t normally like taking couples away from their guests for too long during their drinks reception, but fortunately Ruth and Mark had allowed plenty of time between their ceremony and wedding breakfast so that we would have time to take advantage of this stunning location. That temple is just incredible, I couldn’t stop taking photos of it!

It is possible to have outdoor ceremonies at Wotton House, but with a room as beautiful as the library, it’s possibly not worth the anxiety regarding the weather. I wasn’t able to see Mark’s expression when he saw Ruth walk down the aisle, but when he turned round he really did look like the cat who had got the cream, and he literally danced out of the room after the ceremony.

I had photographed Ruth’s cousin Kate’s wedding to Andrew a few years earlier, so it was lovely to see the family again and I was really chuffed that Ruth’s dad had recommended Ruth book me after he had seen me at their wedding. Ruth and Mark’s family were all so lovely to me and I was reminded on so many occasions during the day just how lucky I am to do this job for a living.

There were lots of homemade touches to the day, including the table plan created by Ruth, the photo board which was a work of art, but none more impressive than the life size dolls created by Ruth’s Mum, which had clearly taken her several months to make. She showed me a scrapbook she had compiled detailing the process, and it blew me away.  The cakes had been made by Ruth’s sister Madeleine.  I have no idea what they tasted like, but if they were half as yummy as they looked they would have been pretty good. Ruth’s other sister Lydia was responsible for getting Ruth and Mark together in the first place, as they had met at her own wedding to Andrew in Las Vegas. Ruth and Mark had been the only two single people there – clearly it was meant to be!

The speeches were all pretty emotional and heartfelt, there was clearly a lot of love and pride for these two people. Maybe I should stay more emotionally detached, but when you see the father of the bride fighting back the tears, it makes me feel warm and lovely too.

I usually finish my day after the bride and groom’s first dance, but when I saw the entertainment they had laid on for their guests I knew I wanted to stay a bit longer and capture some of the fun of the evening.  I have never seen a scalextric track that big before, and it was brilliant!  It took a lot of willpower to just photograph the guests playing on it rather than elbowing them off to have a go myself!

Ruth and Mark, thank you for having me along, your wedding is one I will remember for a very long time.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  To view the full collection from the day please go to the client area of my website and enter Mark’s surname as the username.

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Venue: Wotton House, Dorking

Bridal dress: Azure Bridal, Hampton Wick

Hair and make-up: Carrie Jessop

Flowers: Flowers by Elaine

Chair covers: Wedding by design

Cakes: Madeleine’s Cupcakes

Games: Carnival UK

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