The Band of Music

I love hearing from people I have previously photographed, and a few weeks ago it was lovely to get a message from Frances, a bride whose wedding I had photographed more than four years ago.  Her wedding to Jonathan really stands out in my memory, as they are both world class musicians and music was an important part of their wedding.

Not only did they play, but lots of their friends too, and it really was like being treated to my very own concert.  It was simply stunning.

Frances wanted to book me to photograph her and other members of a music group she plays in called ‘The Band of Music‘. The brief was for photos of the 5 of them outside at a local church, and inside in a more formal setting, with and without instruments.   The group consisted of two violinists, one oboist, one cellist and a harpsichord player, the latter of whom wasn’t able to bring his instrument along for obvious reasons! As well as performing as a 5-piece, they also sometimes perform as a four, so I needed to take photos of them in their smaller group too.  I tried to get the balance between formal headshots and a more casual look.

I hope you like the photos.

TBOM 002 TBOM 057-2 TBOM 119 TBOM 149

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