The pheasant

When people ask me what I do for a living, the obvious answer is that I’m a photographer.  The truth is that there’s a lot more to my job than just taking photos. As well as my skills as a photographer which I have been working hard to develop over the years, I’m also a small business owner, responsible for marketing, advertising, social media, blogging, bookkeeping, digital editing, album design, client communication, networking and training. 

One of the areas that I have most neglected over the years was the marketing side of the business. I never really got the whole idea of branding and what that actually meant.  A friend designed my first logo, then later bought a cheap logo from etsy, but that was as far as my efforts at branding went.  As 2017 dawned I realised that I wanted 2017 to be the year that I really pushed my business forward and market myself as the photographer I want to be.

I met up with Alexandra Nicoley from AL Creative Bureau and she really took the time to understand me and what I want my business to represent. Having recently moved to the countryside outside Henley on Thames, I mentioned that one of the things I love is the wildlife – the deer, red kites, owls and pheasants!  I have a sculpture of a pheasant in the garden and Alex photographed it and came up with a design based on the garden ornament. Everything else followed on from there really! I love the design and hope you do too.  I hope to post more updates on what I’m up to, please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment. 

Now please allow me to introduce …. the pheasant.  I’m thinking I should give him a name, I’m open to suggestions!

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